Volume Button Trick | Open Any Apps using Volume Button

Volume Button Trick

Remapping custom actions to your volume buttons and other hardware buttons is simple using Button Mapper. A single, double, or long press of a button can be used to start any app, shortcut, or custom action that has been remapped.

Most physical or capacitive keys and buttons, including capacitive home, back, and recent apps keys, as well as several assist buttons, can be remapped using Button Mapper. Several gamepads, remote controls, and other peripheral devices can have their buttons on Button Mapper remapped.

Most operations can be performed without root, however some need for an adb command from a connected PC if the device is not rooted. Except in cases where your device is rooted or you issue an adb command, Button Mapper does not function when the screen is off.

Volume Button Mapper

A few examples of remapping you can do with Button Mapper:

  • -long press to toggle your flashlight
  • -remap your TV remote control
    -press to broadcast custom intents, scripts or commands
  • -long press to open camera and take a photo
  • -double tap to launch your favorite app or shortcut
  • -double tap to open your notifications
  • -swap your back and recent apps keys (capacitive buttons only!)
  • -use your volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
  • -long press to toggle “do not disturb” mode
    -and much more

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Buttons supported:

  • -Physical home, back and recent apps/menu buttons
  • -Volume up
  • -Volume down
  • -Most camera buttons
  • -Many headset buttons
  • -Custom buttons: add other buttons (active, mute, etc) on your phone, headphones, gamepads, TV remote and other peripheral devices

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