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Voice Lock

It is no longer necessary to lock and unlock your phone using the traditional lock screen. Make use of a novel method to lock and unlock your smartphone using your voice, pattern, and PIN CODE, and protect your mobile device’s data from intruders.

Unlock Phone with Voice

With this Smart Voice Lock Screen, you can lock your phone using voice commands, setting it apart from other phones. We’ve also included a Keypad Lock Screen option with this App. There is no need to worry about unlocking the screen if “Password Forgotten” because this Lock Screen also supports a pattern and a PIN code to help your phone be unlocked if your voice password does not match.

Best Features of Voice Lock

  • With just one press, the Voice Lock Screen app can be enabled.
  • Using the Lock Home Key option found in this Voice Screen Lock’s settings, you can increase security.
  • To change the theme, choose from 5 different HD backgrounds.
  • You can choose any kind of voice password you want.
  • If the voice password doesn’t function, you can set a numeric password instead.
  • The most user-friendly voice screen lock app
  • Display the time and date on your phone’s display.
  • Modify the time and date’s color on the lock screen.
  • Change the font style to make your voice lock screen more visually appealing.

Get App

Download Voice Lock Android App

  • Simply launch the application, select the microphone icon, and utter the phrase you want to serve as your password.
  • To confirm it, the uttered word will show on screen. You can choose your own voice password of any kind.
  • It is preferable to use standard passwords that you can remember alone and that nobody else can, such as formulae, critical words, and more.
  • ┬áJust activate the app and utilize it.

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