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A useful tool called Whats Web for WhatsApp enables you to use several WhatsApp accounts on a single device. Your one-stop shop for numerous features that WhatsApp does not offer is Whats Web for WhatsApp. With just one click, you can manage numerous WhatsApp accounts, send direct WhatsApp messages to any mobile number, remember the WhatsApp statuses of your friends and family, and much more.


Have you ever tried using a single app to handle several WhatsApp accounts?Yes, you can sign in to several accounts without encountering any problems. By scanning the QR code for WhatsApp Web, you can use this software to open two WhatsApp accounts on the same device or the same account on other devices. Strong connection is provided by Whats Web for WA, which also prevents unplanned logouts.

Status Saver

The Whats Web for WhatsApp software allows you to store other people’s WhatsApp statuses on your device and retrieve them whenever you want.

Video Splitter

Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status is a special function of the Whats Web for WhatsApp app. You can upload any video using this function, regardless of how long it is, and divide it as needed. Directly update your WhatsApp status to avoid any confusion.

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The Whats Web for WhatsApp app aids in cleaning and the removal of hazardous data. We occasionally download files without realizing they could be damaging to our system. You may unwind while using this software because it removes dangerous files that take up the majority of your device’s storage.

Direct Chat

Do you want to send the WhatsApp message but not save the contact information for the number? Then, this WhatsApp Web is made just for you! With our Direct chat function, you may instantly message any number without having to save it first.
With the help of a special function in the Whats Web for WhatsApp app, you can send WhatsApp messages to others without saving their contact information.

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