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Time Lock Screen Password Lock

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself here. I used to be able to quickly open the phone’s lock screen for friends or family members, and you will feel terrible if your phone contains any private images, videos, or other content. If there is a document of any type, you must also become enraged at this point.

Because this has happened to me numerous times, my identity card, class report, and employment are all stored on my phone. If anyone sees these things, I will feel horrible. Yes, it is strange that someone can use your phone with your consent. Since I use the screen lock time password program, if a relative’s kids visit, they can no longer unlock my phone from the lock without my knowledge or remove a variety of my images.

Lock using Time Lock Screen

This makes it difficult for me to open my phone, as I discovered when I did. Let’s talk about this application so that you can lock your phone quickly too. If you have difficulties installing this program, you can just click on the link provided below this piece of ours. This application can be downloaded from the Play Store here and is also used in a very simple manner.

When you first activate this program, you will see a lock screen similar to the one shown above. You will also notice the time password, which changes every minute as if you had provided a password for one minute.Additionally, if you select a second password in the second minute, it will change after one minute, necessitating the use of two separate passwords, each of which will change on a regular basis.

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Additionally, it offers features like an application that is simple to develop and allows you to establish any type of lock. You may get all of this for free with this application, which also has many features that, once downloaded, are simple to understand.

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