Set Image Password in WhatsApp Secret Trick | Password Lock for Photo

Lock Your Whatsapp Photos

Lock your photos using password by converting your personal photo into PDF. With help of the app given below, you can do it easily.

Image to PDF – PDF Maker

All image formats can be converted to PDF.

Convert notes, receipts, invoices, forms, business cards, certificates, whiteboards, ID cards, and more to PDFs by importing photos or scanning paper files with your camera.

Resize pictures

You can cut, rotate, resize, and add drawings to the photographs. Improve image quality for improved PDF output.

Automatic sorting

Sort PDF files and photos by name, size, creation and modification dates, etc. automatically. Of course, if you like, you can sort manually.

Consolidate PDF files

Support for PDF compression to reduce file size. Choose the appropriate image quality setting from low, medium, high, and original.

Set password

PDF files can be password-protected, and shared private files can be encrypted to avoid eavesdropping.

Work offline.

You may effortlessly convert your photographs to PDF offline without sending them to the cloud.

Converted PDF files can be shared.

Converted PDF files are easily sent and shared through social media, Bluetooth, email, rapid share, etc.

Rapid Search

You can easily find your target files if you use the quick search feature. Simply enter the keywords, and the search results will appear instantly.

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When using our pdf scanner to scan your files, their security is guaranteed. Since the entire file production process takes place locally, we can ensure that the files won’t be uploaded to a server and that they won’t be utilized for commercial purposes when converting images to PDFs. You may rely on it to convert your jpeg files to PDFs!

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