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Lock Face Finder App

A clever little program called Lockwatch covertly snaps a picture with the front camera whenever someone inputs the wrong unlock code on your phone. It then secretly emails you a photo of the invader along with their GPS position. Numerous TV and internet news pieces have mentioned the program, which has assisted in the recovery of numerous lost and stolen phones.


The lock screen that comes with Android is used by Lockwatch, which is a compact program that only activates when the unlock code is input incorrectly.

Note: For each unlock attempt to be recorded, you must input a minimum of four digits or dots. In order to prevent erroneous alarms, Lockwatch will not send the email if the right code is entered within 10 seconds.

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Additional capabilities offered by Lockwatch Premium include the capacity to attach multiple images and audio recordings to emails, email notifications for actions like inserting a new SIM card or turning on the phone, and the elimination of all app advertising.

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