Free 20 GB Extra Cloud Storage for Android | Cloud Storage App

Directly from your device, make a backup of your data!

Select the items you wish to backup, such as your documents or images, and we’ll save them all safely on the Degoo Cloud drive. You can take all of your images, videos, music, and documents with you thanks to Degoo. Degoo, the best cloud drive for your phone and tablet, lets you save and share your data for free forever.

Features of Degoo App

  • Experience every memory you have from your past. We choose the photographs based on artificial intelligence that are most important to you. Every time you open it, you’ll discover fresh pictures you haven’t seen in a while. a starting point for refueling your digital life!
  • Using zero-knowledge encryption, our Top Secret feature distributes your files over several continents (pro account required). Your data will be held with the highest level of privacy and security thanks to this military-grade encryption, which makes sure that no one else can access it.
  • At Degoo, we save three copies of each file to make sure you can always access them. Simply upload them to our incredibly secure storage explorer, and you can access them at any time.
  • You can instantly access all of your music and movie streams with our user-friendly full-screen stream player without having to wait for the download to complete.
  • Either view an optional sponsored video or upgrade to our pro account to acquire extra space quickly.
  • Using our convenient file viewer, you can instantly browse and share your files and folders within the My Files app. You can also quickly list or search all of your files in our explorer. Store everything in your own folders, keep it all close at hand, and sync whenever you want to completely backup your data.

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Using the same military-grade protection as when storing your data, quickly send all of your content across the Internet. You can send as many files as you’d like to keep in touch with your friends and coworkers, and all of the files you send from your phone will be collected in a space for creative collaboration. All applications that support https URLs can share the files.

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