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Floating Bar

You frequently use certain apps. For instance, some people open WhatsApp for two reasons: to check someone’s status or to see whether you have a message but weren’t notified of it. Going to your home screen to open another app after leaving the one you’re using at the time is not a major inconvenience. But it’s always worthwhile to try something if it can’t speed up things even somewhat.

Floating Bar Android App

Everybody has a favorite app, so it’s convenient to have rapid access to it. Things would move even more quickly if you didn’t have to go to the home screen of your device to open. You can always access your favorite apps when multitasking thanks to the app Floating Bar.  You can add a variety of items to the floating bar. You may add apps, music, tools, contacts, websites, upcoming events, and recent apps, for instance. Consider the scenario where you wish to add apps to the floating bar. You can add up to 20 apps to the app, and you can change the order in which they appear. At first, you’ll only see five apps in total, but if you swipe up or down, the additional apps will appear on the other rows. Tap the cogwheel in the bottom right to change the floating bar’s position.

Features of Floating Bar

You can adjust things such as:

  • Hide on landscape mode
  • Collapse when touch outside
  • Circular scroll
  • Stop service by remove float button
  • Vibration on expand
  • Theme
  • Bar Opacity – You can use the slider to adjust
  • Rearrange tabs

Get App

Floating Bar Android App Download

You may buy the app and get rid of the advertising by pressing on the three dots in the top right corner. You can also choose to support the app’s developer by making a donation. On your screen, the floating bar will have an icon with an arrow going to the right. To see your apps, simply tap the arrow to open the bar. The floating bar can be moved to any other position if you’re not satisfied with where it’s now located. You must press on the app icon in order to add or remove any apps. Since you can only look and tap on the app you want to open, there is no option to open the app through the floating bar.

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