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Find Your Lover Call History

These days, you can rapidly save backups of nearly everything (contacts, a specific contact log, calls, SMS, call log statistics, SMS statistics, truecaller) in xml or PDF format via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service you want. In addition to the PDF backup that is provided for SMS, Call Log, Contacts, and statistics, there is a backup and restore capability for calls and calls log.

SMS Backup

E2PDF is a very straightforward but highly effective program that enables you to take a single SMS backup of a discussion with a loved one and never lose that information again. You can either take a PDF backup or restore them. Simply choose the chat you want to back up in PDF, and the entire conversation will appear on your computer. Enter the output file name, and a backup will be produced in one click. The generated backup file can be immediately shared or saved in the cloud, as well as on a local drive or in an email.

Call Log

The user can take a backup of their call log and restore it to any other device using this capability. The backup is made in a legible xml format. With the PDF backup option, you can choose whether to take a backup of a dialed, received, or missed call or to take a backup of the entire call log and use it as needed.

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Specific Contact Log

Get detailed SMS conversations and SMS chats from your loved ones, as well as a PDF copy of the call log, by choosing any contact. The user can take a call or SMS backup of any individual contact using the Truecaller individual Contact backup feature. The Truecaller service is totally free. The user can follow any contact’s SMS or call history with this SMS tracker tool.

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