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Although we have chosen various comparable programs for you through the Play Store, some of which may be deleted from the Play Store in the future, the Calendar Vault application featured in this website page is not presently available on the Play Store.

Lock your Photos Videos on Calendar

As a result, we are aware that the Play Store has now withdrawn the Calendar Vault application owing to non-compliance with Play Store standards, which was a decision made in our best interest by the Play Store. All of the apps made available through the Google Play Store were created with the users in mind, and they are all managed with the utmost respect for the welfare of the populace. For you, we manually select just the top Android apps from the Google Play Store.

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When that happens, we occasionally have to set our phones down to do something else, like take a bath, and then our family and friends will pick them up to check on us. They will next ask for the password of any application we use to hide any image or video. However, if we are not aware of our cover, they won’t have an opportunity to request the password. Yes, the Calendar Vault software is a fantastic Calendar Vault – Private Photo Vault program, and you can get it from the link provided below.

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